Tuesday, 25 October 2011

~ Comprehension Corner ~

Read the passage. Then answer the questions.

         My parents, brother, sister and I are having a picnic on the beach. I am wearing a white cap. My brother is wearing jeans and slippers. My sister is wearing a pair of shorts.We like to look at the sea. There are many people swimming in the sea. My mother is
dishing up food for us. My father is reading a newspaper. Later, he wants to go fishing.My brother and I will go with him. We hope to catch many fish.

1. My family has _________.
    A. three members       B. four members         C. five members

2. My brother is wearing _________.
    A. cap         B.  jeans          C. slippers

3. My mother is __________.
    A. reading a newspaper         B. getting the food ready          
    C. swimming in the sea

4. What is my family doing?
    We are ___________________________________.

5. What will my gather do?
    My father will go _______________.

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