Saturday, 29 October 2011

Language Art

                                                       Let us sing........
                                             I am special
                                          I am special
                                          So are you
                                          So are you
                                          We can play together
                                          We can sing together
                                          When we meet
                                          When we meet


~~Let us recite and act~~

                                Have Some Fun

                                 Skip and run
                                 Have some fun
                                 Under  the sun.

                                 Run and climb
                                 Skip and jump
                                 Hop over the bump.

                                 Hop and skip
                                 Jump and flip
                                 Do not slip. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Arrange the words to form sentences.

1.    three      have        They         children

2.    She     a       dress       pink       wears

3.    tortoise       The       race      the     won

4.    Hari       Raya        The      celebrate        Muslims

5.    cutting       is       Mr   Tan           grass          the 

~ Comprehension Corner ~

Read the passage. Then answer the questions.

         My parents, brother, sister and I are having a picnic on the beach. I am wearing a white cap. My brother is wearing jeans and slippers. My sister is wearing a pair of shorts.We like to look at the sea. There are many people swimming in the sea. My mother is
dishing up food for us. My father is reading a newspaper. Later, he wants to go fishing.My brother and I will go with him. We hope to catch many fish.

1. My family has _________.
    A. three members       B. four members         C. five members

2. My brother is wearing _________.
    A. cap         B.  jeans          C. slippers

3. My mother is __________.
    A. reading a newspaper         B. getting the food ready          
    C. swimming in the sea

4. What is my family doing?
    We are ___________________________________.

5. What will my gather do?
    My father will go _______________.

Friday, 21 October 2011


             Jack And Jill
            Jack and Jill went up the hill,
            To fetch a pail of water;
            Jack fell down, and broke his crown,
            And Jill came tumbling after.
            When up Jack got and off did trot,
            As fast as he could caper,
            To old Dame Dob, who patched his nob
            With vinegar and brown paper.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Year 1 Practise

Fill in the blanks with "is,  am , are".

1. I ______ Soo Lin.
2. She _________  Rani.
3. You ________ Zamri.
4. He ________my brother.
5. They _________my classmates.
6.  We ________playing football on the field.
7. Miss Wong _________my English teacher.
8. Julia and May ________ reading in the library.

Year 1 Vocabulary Corner

                  Read and spell the words correctly






Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My 2nd Micro Teaching

I'm dissatified my last time micro-teaching, so today, I redo it again.
This time, the times control is better than last time, its nearly 7 minutes.
This video was taken by my student Vihn and Yi, they are really give me fully support and cooperation.
Thanks a lot for your help......

Saturday, 8 October 2011

My school Children Day

We had a nice show for this year Children Day on 7 October 2011.......
** Fancy Dress           ** Singing Performance        
** Musical  Instruments Performance
** Latin Dance        
The children were enjoyed and excited......

Thursday, 6 October 2011

My First Mikro Teaching

Yesterday - October 6,2011, I had done my first  micro-teaching. I realized that  want to record micro-teaching's video actually  is really not so simple.
After numerous attempts, finally I recorded a nearly five-minute video. I dont know whether that video has reached to the lecturer's request or not, but I felt very happy, because I had completing my own work by put on  my own efforts.
Thanks to all my students, they really helped a lot........

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Class : 1J
Time : 4.30-5.30pm
Focus : Reading
Topic :Let's Celebrate
Theme : World Of Knowledge
Content learning : 2.2
Standard learning : 2.2.1a,  2.2.3
Objectives : At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to
                   1. read and apply word recognition and word  attack   skills by matching
                       words with graphics.
                   2. read and understand sentences in linear and non-linear
Teaching Aids : pictures cards, word card, video
Added value : creativity, TMK
Activities as below:

1. Set induction  : 6 minutes

    -showing pupils the real "angpau", talk about it......
    -teacher explains the meaning,the significance of red 'angpau',
    -then bring out the theme and the topic of the lesson.

2nd step:  15 minutes

     -showing the pupils  a variety pictures which print out from internet,
     -look and say, pupils name the special festival celebration one by one- in depth
      explanation by teacher.
                                                    Picture of the Lunar New Year

                                                        Red Laterns everywhere

                                               The chinese traditional sweet's gift

                                                                   Greet each other

                                                                         Dragon dance
                                                              Hari Raya Aidilfitri

                                                      Celebrate the festival happily

                                                   Malays traditional  food-Ketupat

                                                           Go to mosque for pray
                                                          Celebration of  Deepavali
                                                                     Little lamps

                                                        Lighting the lamp and pray
                                                      Merry Christmas & the presents
 3rd step:  15 minutes
   - showing the pupils word cards, pupils read and understand the words in linear and
      non-linear texts with guidance.
  - read the words repeatly ( read individual&  in group )

      **Happy Chinese New Year**                   ** Selamat Hari Raya**

      **Happy Deepavali **                                 ** Merry Christmas**

 4th step 10 minutes 
   -  pupils read the simple sentences. (repeatly)

      ** The Muslims celebrate Hari Raya.
      ** The Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year.
      ** The Hindus celebrate Deepavali.
      ** The Christians celebrate Christmas.
5th step : 10 minutes
 -  using the same material /ABM, doing some activities.
 -  Match the pictures to the correct words in groups.
  - the gift will given to the fastest group whose match the words with pictures

Last step : 4 minutes
- conclusion.
- play music of Chinese New Year song  from computer.
- pupils watch to the skrin, sing the song and do the actions  together.
- enjoy the song.


Saturday, 1 October 2011

San Zi Jing

Nice songs by Air Supply

                                          without you...........